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People in glass houses should not throw bricks

Stop hunting unicorns

· Sourcing,Outsourcing

Something seems to be fundamentally broken in the Outsourcing world.

The C-suite is not happy with their legacy service providers and 77% want a change, as demonstrated by HFS research (, while lower down the organisation only 27% of middle management agrees with the C-Suite and wish to see any change in the service provider.

So, how do we explain such an apparent large disparity between the C-Suite and middle management?

Well, perhaps middle management are too wrapped up in managing the service providers that they cannot see the wood for the trees whilst the C-Suite are out hunting the latest Unicorn to be seen on the horizon.

If the truth was known we would probably find it to be a little bit of both.

So how can we get better alignment between the C-Suite and their middle management?

What steps can we take to pull these two disparate views together?

Take a look at this article recently published on linkedin to see our thoughts on this area.

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