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    Transformation - Integration - Remediation


    If you are burning £'000 per day on any of these challenges:

    • Change programme running late
    • Sourcing contract in dispute
    • Integration plans not delivering


    Talk to us to explore how we can work with you to drive more certainty into your business outcomes.


  • Your Success is Our Success

    Transformation, Integration and Remediation

    We help you navigate your way through the multiple challenges presented by today's business environment.


    We think we offer a slightly different experience to our competition:


    Personal service – your success is our success and you will work directly with senior individuals on a one to one basis


    Deep insight – we only use highly experienced individuals who have worked on a number of transformation, integration and remediation initiatives


    Flexible with shared learning – we adapt to your ways of working and you learn as much from us as we do from you


    See where and how we have helped other organisations....

    Please contact us for a confidential discussion on how we can help you or for any further information.



  • We Achieve Results Through:

    Focus only on the important

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    Smart people

    Applying our 40+ years of personal experience in implementing change, fixing under performing operations and integrating new business for some of the largest organisations in the world

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    Working together

    Working with you to build on your knowledge and experience of how you operate today and aiding you to implement and deliver your solution

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    Exploring options

    Exploring with you what your organisation is able to achieve today and more importantly what it could look like tomorrow

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    Providing clarity

    Being rigorous in all we do and not being afraid to speak as we find.

  • We specialise in three key areas:

    Transformation - Integration - Remediation

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    Programme managing the creation, implementation and improvement of Global Business Services and internal and external Shared Services

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    Programme managing the integration or divestment of business units and operations

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    Programme managing and helping organisations fix poorly performing operations and third party contracts.

  • Meet the Team

    Using the right people for the job

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    Michael Steer


    Michael has over 20 years experience in delivering sustainable business change for major organisations.

    He has worked for the leading global technology and outsourcing firms in senior leadership positions developing and delivering solutions for clients such as: AstraZeneca; Deutsche Bank; BP; Shell; ING; Johnson Controls; Novartis and UTC.

    Michael has extensive experience of sourcing, offshoring, and finance in a captive or outsourced environment.

    He has set up Mongoose & Swan to share his knowledge and experience and to continue his learning.


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    Peter Colley

    Associate Director

    Peter has extensive experience of outsourcing, offshoring, finance and quality management. He worked for a leading global technology and outsourcing firm as a senior partner leading global engagements with major clients in the energy and utilities sectors: including BP; ExxonMobil; ConocoPhillips; United Utilities and Thames Water.

    Peter lead the quality management function for the $15 billion outsourcing business across over 2000 clients. In this capacity he was assigned to personally manage and turnaround the most challenging engagements, to ensure the optimal business outcomes for the firm and its clients.

  • Learning & Sharing

    By successfully delivering multiple complex change programmes we have learned and continue to learn.

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    Remediation is Challenging

    Solutions for Failing, Broken or Underperforming Contracts

    How many times have you been faced by a seemingly insurmountable problem with a key contract which is soaking up valuable management time and distracting attention away from the delivery of service, either as a provider or buyer of service. Read more...

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    Early Warning Signs of Failure

    We have already discussed how you may remedy a poorly performing contract yet a more fundamental question is how does one know when you are heading for a fall and what are they early warning signs of a potentially stressed account? Read more...

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    A Town called Hope

    Hope is a town in Arkansas, USA. It is not a strategy.

    Back in the day, in a town called Hope, two young executives met for coffee in an upmarket hotel lobby. They were busy, bright and enthusiastic. On neutral territory they talked about opportunities and possibilities. She was a leading light …Read more...

  • What Our Clients Say About Us

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    Global Automotive OEM

    Programme Manager

    "Michael guided us through the initial stages of an important business change. His advice was always pertinent, concise and practical" 

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    Global Pharmaceutical Organisation

    Project Manager

    "Michael provided excellent insights and advice on a difficult project. He was a pleasure to work with."

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    Global Life Sciences Company

    CIO Advisory

    "You made a real difference on the project and I always appreciated your direct and honest style coupled with your vast experience. It has been a pleasure to work with you during this time and I am proud of what we have achieved together."

  • Our Joint Success

    Where we have been successful

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    US Technology Company

    Global change programme creating a multi-hub finance shared service delivery model for global finance processes for US technology organisation delivering benefits of $9.1M.

    Read more about this challenge here...

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    Global BPO Company

    Integration of a $330M 1,600 seat Insurance back office acquisition into existing operations.

    Read more about this challenge here...

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    Global Service Provider

    Remedied and secured a market material $100M TCV contract suffering from a deteriorating relationship.

    Read more about this challenge here...

  • Hush, hush...

    Musings, thoughts and ruminations.

    27 janvier 2017 · Robotics,RPA
    26 janvier 2017 · Sourcing,Outsourcing
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